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Power flushing is essential to keeping your central heating system and boiler work at their best. If your heating system needs a power flush, you will be making your system significant and costing you money on your heating bills.

Read on more to see the benefits and how it works and spot if your central heating system needs a power flush.

How does power flushing Work

Power Flushing is a process in which heating systems are cleaned using high-velocity water at low pressure so that no damage is caused. The process is being made more effective with powerful cleaning agents.

Are your radiators not working as they should

Power flushing removes deposits that cause the water not to flow as it should, meaning the water circulating is not moving around your central heating system and not getting up to temperature.

It is advisable to power flush a heating system immediately before fitting a new boiler to your central heating system to prevent future problems. Many central heating systems contain corrosion and sludge, even if no flow problems have shown themselves.

Excellent power flushing results

The power flushing process is carried out by trained and qualified central heating engineers who will complete the power flush leaving the central heating system in excellent working order.
We take great pride in our services, including our power flushing process. We have never failed to bring a system to an excellent standard, functioning at a high level.

When do you know you need a power flush?

  • Here are the things to look out for:
  • Slow warming Radiators
  • Pipes Making lots of noise when heating up
  • Cold spots in your radiators
  • Water temperature is reduced
  • Higher Gas bills due to poor efficiency
  • Noticed hot water flow reducing
  • Leaking radiators
  • Boiler overheating

How we power flush your central heating system

Our engineer will connect our power flush machine and magnet to your central heating system. This is done through a radiator or by removing the heating pump.

Water then flows through the power flush system, collecting the sludge debris as it passes through the power flush machine via the magnet. Then, the chemical cleaner is added to the power flush system and circulated to the central heating system until the water runs clear.

We then add a neutraliser to neutralise any chemicals left in the pipes. We then add an Inhibitor to help prevent any future problems from corrosion. Our engineer will then balance the radiators to ensure that the whole central heating system is working efficiently.

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